Our mission is to inspire women to tackle the tech & entrepreneurship field.

Give rolemodels a platform
Fuel entrepreneurial tech skills
Connect the right people

Interview and panel

talking to inspiring women in technology

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Kick-off with panel discussion: 22.11.2018
Release of the interview series: 22.11.2018

Annual conference

Female’s Favour{IT}e Conference

in cooperation with Hackerstolz e.V.

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Female’s Favour{IT}e Conference: 16.03.2019

Female startup school

growth Hacking, UI/UX, full stack development

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First startup school – starting from: 02.2019


Sponsors & Partners


Women in Tech is an initiative by STARTUP MANNHEIM

Contact: wit@startup-mannheim.de

Want to know more about our team?

Check out this article: startup-mannheim.de/women-in-tech