Kick-off Event


What does it take to be a female tech entrepreneur?

22.11.2018, MAFINEX-Technologiezentrum

This panel will explore how to get women more involved in developing technology and entrepreneurship.

What are the current barriers? What can we do to break these barriers?

By sharing their personal stories and by discussing their different points of view on stage we will get an insight into the world of tech from the perspective of successful female foundersWe will learn what they have achieved, what keeps them motivated and what they have had to sacrifice.

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Inspiring women in technology told us their story.

Release start of the interview series: 22.11.2018

Regine Haschka-Helmer

Founder and CEO Seedlab GmbH, Member of IOTA Foundation


Jannecke Niessen

Inspiring Fifty, The New Girl Code, Entrepreneur, Investor, Boardmember

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Patricia Arias-Carbacos

PhD candidate UC3M in Cryptography Research

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Inna Braverman

Co-Founder and International Marketing Director of Eco Wave Power Ltd.

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